Welcome to Portland 2040!

The city skyline was defined by the Tualatin Mountains which cradled the city towers with its bosom heights. The early 21st century Portland famous for its progressive creative community has grown darker as the environmental challenges of the world makes 2040 Portland a safe haven for the wealthy, the poor and the criminals that pray on both.

While most of North America had undergone major environmental hardships brought on by Global Warming Portland remained relatively unchanged. Maybe a bit wet a bit warmer but stable. This stability began to change by 2030 as immigrates brought not just wealth, technology or change, but their problems as well.

By 2030 the wealth of Portland finally turned the academic centers in and around the City into a research center rival Triangle Research Park. While Silicon Valley specialized in information technology the Willamette Valley worked in design, medicine and environmental technology and the emerging field of cybernetics.

Here the creative technology, DIY, and the arts meld to make a neo bohemian culture funded by the new wealth despite many artist claims of independence. This creates immense competition and rivalries that have been known to turn violent.

This is the world that our story unfolds!

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